Issue 16: The Sports Issue (digital download)




Life inside and outside the lines, despite what ESPN shows, is always more New York Met than New York Yankee. Life is cruciform. With winners who implode, losers who clumsily wander into victory, and fans who beat the drum regardless. The sports world, like the rest of the world we live in, is full of adversaries, and at the same time, not without the hope of ultimate victory.

In this issue, a very untimely (but then again maybe perfectly timed) Sports Issue, we bring you hope amidst whichever adversary you’re facing. We bring you stories of the underdogs and the over-hyped, of long-distance runners and stationary Pelotonians. We chat with high school and college coaches about the pressure to perform, and with NFL athletes about the need to be reborn. We have interviews with world champion skateboard legend and pastor Christian Hosoi, and former Atlanta Falcons player and chaplain, Jason Webster. And that’s not even the start! 

So, whether you’re a baseball fan or not, to the New York Met in you, batter up.


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