Issue 18: The Money Issue (digital download)




A PDF download of Issue 18 of The Mockingbird.

“I have just defied your god.”

That’s what Robert Farrar Capon said after lighting a $20 bill on fire. He was standing, naturally, in the pulpit in a well-off church in East Hampton. Capon’s attitude toward “the Almightier” was a major inspiration for our approach to this issue of The Mockingbird, where we do our best to untangle the complicated knot that is faith and moolah.

In these pages, we examine what Jesus said about money, what the Church has said, and what our daily experiences have shown. We reflect on poverty, aspiration, and middle-class guilt. We have interviews about economic precarity, the theology of capitalism, and the social psychology of (material) possession. You’ll find writing from poets, priests, moms, even a stockbroker! Per usual, we arrive at the gamble of faith from all different places.

But the outcome, we think, is right on the money.


Small Letters and Sparrows by Mischa Willett

Little Aptitude for Money by D.S. Martin (a poem)

Money Is How We Keep Score by David Clay

The Myth of Making It by Soraya Roberts

Dear Gracie… by Sarah Condon

The Most Important Things in Life Are Not Good Deals with Anne Helen Petersen (interview)

Crunched by Numbers by CJ Green

Love People, Use Things, Worship God with Arthur C. Brooks (Q&A)

Layen Hens by Maurice Manning (poetry)

When Money Matters by Ben Self

Upside-Down Kingdom by Juliette Alvey

What’s Mine Is Yours Already with Kathryn Tanner (interview)

Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Todd Brewer

Money Isn’t Funny by Robert Farrar Capon (excerpt)

When Your Wallet Is Emptied on the Floor by Kate Campbell (photoessay)

Good News to the Poor by Nathan Hart

The Science of Possession with Bruce Hood (Q&A)

Shortchanged by David Zahl


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